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 Welcome to the online home of Kirkhill Massage Therapies.

Based in the heart of the beautiful Galloway countryside and beside the tranquil Loch Ken, Kirkhill Therapies is perfectly situated to bring balance, harmony and wellbeing back into our client's lives.

Using one to one counselling combined with the techniques of therapeutic massage we work with our clients to achieve optimum benefit from their time with us. Clients are then able to leave fully equipped to put what they have learned into practice in their everyday life.

 At Kirkhill Therapies we treat the patient as a whole looking at their whole lifestyle and ascertaining the bests types of treatment which will not only help the healing process but also improve the overall wellbeing of the client. We build a rapport of trust and understanding with our clients and work hard together in the healing process.
Many common ailments can be significantly improved through massage and include a great number of chronic conditions such as:
  * back pain
  * headaches
  * arthritis
  * asthma
  * sleep disorders
  * injuries
  * ME and MS
 By relaxing the body, massage can relieve stiffness, soreness and tension with its primary physical benefit being to muscular, circulatory and eliminatory system.
 Taut painful muscles can be loosened and relaxed and the circulation of blood and lymph stimulated. This results in the expulsion of toxins from the body and the eventual restoration of balanced tone in the muscles and the greater freedom of the joins. However while this alone would be a valuable consequence of massage, it is not the limit of its effectiveness.
So why not book an appointment and come along and see what therapeutic massage can do to change your life - for the better!
Click on our services link to find out what we have to offer or give us a call if you require more information on 07818 364204.
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